S.E Hinton

S.E Hinton
S.E HInton
S.E Hinton has made many books including ;

The Outsiders
Rumble fish
That was then, This is know
Taming the star runner
Hawks harbor
Tim's stories
Big David, Little David
The puppy sister

    The Outsiders was Hinton's first book that she made and it was published in 1967. The book was a huge success but created a lot of stress on Hinton creating a 3 year writers block. Her boyfriend got tired of her being depressed and got rid of her writers block by making her right two pages a day if she wanted to go anywhere. This led to her next book That was then,This is know.That Was Then, This Is Now is more thought out than The Outsiders.  She continued to write her two pages a day until she finally felt it was finished in the summer of 1970, she got married a few months later. That Was Then, This is Now was published in 1971.
    Rumble Fish was the shortest novel she had published. People had thought that it was her best book. Then  she made Tex and that was published in 1979, four years after Rumble Fish. It received great reviews and people talked about how the writing style had matured since previous publications. Hinton didn't publish a book for the next nine years. after another 4 years her son nick was born. After she wrote Taming the star runner and Hawks harbor and Tim's stories she made the books Big David, Little David, The puppy sister for kindergarten and middle school students.